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New gene family pages!

October 11, 2011 at 13:24 MDT

Please explore the new gene family pages (aka "LEGGLE", for LEGume Gene and Locus Evolution). LEGGLE is a collection of gene families and related analyses and tools, focusing on gene families and phylogenies in the legumes. The families should extend back to the eudicots -- i.e. should include sequences (when available) from Arabidopsis and grape, as well as from soybean, Medicago, Lotus, and some other legume transcript sets. The families are based on the Phytozome eudicot-level families, and link out to those Phytozome pages. Each gene family page contains alignments, gene trees, annotations, genomic locations, and other resources. Search for a gene family by subitting a keyword or phrase.

And, if you have any suggestions, please send those to us! lis_feedback@ncgr.org

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