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Medicago truncatula v4 Public Release

August 07, 2013 at 15:45 MDT

Medicago truncatula v4 Public Release: The Plant Genomics group at the J. Craig Venter Institute is pleased to announce the public release of version 4.0 of the Medicago truncatula A17 genome sequence and annotation.

The Mt4.0 pseudomolecules span ~384 Mb of which ~366 Mb is actual sequence. Most of the sequences that were previously on fragmented Illumina contigs in Mt3.5 have now been incorporated into the pseudomolecules. Genome annotation was carried out using our in-house pipeline based upon EvidenceModeler that included the Mt3.5 gene models as one source of evidence, and a much larger set of of RNA-seq and protein evidence. Medtr locus identifiers have been preserved between Mt3.5 and Mt4.0 gene models when possible. New identifiers were instantiated for the genes previously found on contigs and for newly instantiated models supported by new annotation evidences. The current annotation contains 31,661 high confidence and 19,233 low confidence genes, comprising a total of 50,894 genes in the release. Submission to GenBank is in progress, and the final gene counts may change as a result of the Genbank validation process.

Please visit our web site http://medicago.jcvi.org/medicago/ to access and browse the new data, which is facilitated by deployment of JBrowse in the place of GBrowse for a faster and smoother genome browsing experience.

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