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Species Access and Data

  • Information, resources, and datasets for many   legume species.
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Leggle Gene Family Pages

  • Searchable gene families, alignments, and gene trees for the legumes and outgroup species.
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  • Gene Families

CViT Genome Search & Synteny Views

  • Search for sequences or genes and view against whole-genome views and synteny plots of three legume reference genomes.
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Genome Browsers

  • Chromosome- to gene-scale views of the Lotus japonicus, Medicago truncatula, Cajanus cajan (pigeonpea), and Glycine max (soybean) genomes.
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  • Genome Browsers

Maps and Comparisons

  • Genetic maps, and comparisons to the sequenced legume reference genomes.
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Getting Started

Gene → Function

Trait → Gene

  • Find markers or QTLs around your trait of interest in your species. More [+]
  • Find those markers on a reference genome sequence. More [+]
  • Examine gene functions and expression on the reference genomes. More [+]


The mission of LIS is to facilitate discoveries and crop improvement in the legumes — critical components of global agriculture. Please send us your questions, suggestions, and ideas for improving this site! lis_feedback@ncgr.org


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